A novice considering a Tado Solution so any assistance would be appreciated

I have been doing a lot of research as I was considering just replacing my Dayton wired thermostat with a smart wired thermostat which is compatible with Apple HomeKit.

But the more I research the more confusing it is, as it seems I need to also change my boiler controller as well. The current boiler controller is also Dayton.

So my question is what kit do I need to complete the installation.


  • Presumably you have a system boiler and HW tank, with S-plan or Y-plan zone valves? You'll need a broadband connection and router/hub with an ethernet port and power for the dongle.

    The V3+ Wireless kit will probably do the job. The kit will replace the Drayton programmer and has a wireless room stat. You'll decommission the wired thermostat. There are wire links in the kit to make it easy for a competent DIYer and Tado support provided us with a wiring guide to link the old stat as 'call for heat'. If you have TRVs on the radiators, the Tado SRVs can replace them. IIRC the limit is 25 devices in 10 zones.

    Just looked at our gas usage for February and March 2022. We used 23% less gas than the minimum for the same months in the previous four years and the SRVs control the individual room temperatures by time of day. At April 2022 gas prices, our predicted ROI is 1.2 years.

    We've recently purchased another Tado system for a family member: Screwfix has a good price for the Wireless kit and an ebay seller has the SRVs at the best price for four.

  • Thanks for your response, greatly appreciated. I am now clear in terms of how to proceed.

  • @wateroakley reading your response again, I am unsure if I have S-plan or Y-plan zone valves, how do I check ?

    Also I took your great advice and have ordered the V3+ wireless kit from Screwfix,(over £40 cheaper than Amazon) and bought the 4 pack of SVRs from eBay. So thanks for that.

  • @m3centurion S-plan will have two zone valves on the pipework (E.g. Honeywell v4043), one for CH rads, and one for the HW. Y-plan will have one mid-position valve, with CH and HW pipework coming off the same valve. In practice, the programmer replacement and wiring with Tado will be the same for S-plan or Y-plan.

  • Ps. A bit nerdish, but Part L building regs would result in three valves for new 1500 sqft house Two heating zones and one for HW.

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  • I have now completed my install @wateroakley but my boiler doesn’t fire up when I set the wireless thermostat to maximum. There is also a clicking noise coming from my water tank upstairs so I assume its trying to do something

  • Check out the CH and HW lights on the remote controller box. If they are ON, the Tado system is calling for heat. That points towards a wiring error or zone valve problem. HTH
  • @wateroakley all sorted, one of the wires wasn’t secured properly. I also installed my 4 radiator thermostats yesterday. Thanks for you help and advice.

  • Glad to hear it’s fixed and your rad SRVs are now fitted.