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IFTTT open window detection


Hi, Today the open window detection relies on a sudden temperature change I assume. It would be much better if it could be kicked off by IFTTT. That way, anyone with a Z-Wave or Zigbee alarm system could send an alert to Tado to trigger open window and stop it when the window is closed.

Would also be great if if could work the other way, so when Tado triggers open window it kicks off an IFTTT. That way you could easily alert to any sudden temperature changes.


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  • Suggested in 2019 and no reply - even with 14 votes? Was about to ask the same! Would love for the open window detection to be exposed on IFTTT!

  • Has anything changed on this? I was looking for a switch that could be used with IFTTT. my previous system (Max! EQ-3) used a reed switch on the windows to change the temperature of the radiator thermostat?