Extra safety feature

For some reason my Tado heated up to 57c after a change of installation in the setup menu.

Therefore I think a check/failsafe in the firmware of the Tado for when the temperature goes up to more then 30c in a short period it should turn itself of and give a notice in the app.

It melted My Tado wired where you press to turn the temperature up and down, and when I didn't notice it on time, might have created a fire in my house.

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  • @PatrickS
    Could you supply a bit more information please, as I don't understand how a change in the setup menu could cause a "wired thermostat" to melt, as the "wired thermostat" doesn't actually "heat".
  • Hi @GrayDav4276,

    I really don't know, probably communication or wiring is different, and the thermostat starts heating up (may be processor). For your information, I did not change wiring, thermostat, or CV, only changed the type of CV in the setup menu to see if the CV I was thinking of buying would work with the Tado. A couple of minutes later I heard the CV heating, and checked the app why and saw the Tado showed 57 degrees. I ran to the Tado, pulled it from the wall, removed the batteries and started cooling it.

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