Basic questions from a Newbie

Hi, I'm trying to get started with tado and have a question.

I have an old Trianco boiler controlled by a Honeywell Controller.

I have 12 radiators. They are also old - I plan to get a plumber to replace the body with a Drayton TRV4 body. The tado compatibility chart says "no adapter needed". I will add tado valves to all radiators. I will also install tado wireless temperature sensors in rooms with two or more radiators.

I will NOT add a tado thermostat to replace the Honeywell controller. I will program the Honeywell to be "on" for heating all day.

My question is....

I expect the tado valves will open or close based on the local or room temperature. Will this really work without changing the boiler thermostat to a tado extension kit controller or adding a Wireless Smart Thermostat V3?