Zone heating activation impossible from any Smart TRV.

Good afternoon all.

I am newbie so please apologise my dumb question hereinafter. Just installed Smart Thermostat V3 and 12 SRT V3 as well. Met with most of earlier mentioned issues but I think it is too early for evaluation.

One thing however is creating my headache. I do whatever I can with SRT in any zone, but boiler just ignore any signal for Smart Radiator thermostats. What only wake-up my Junckers-CerapurComfort-28 (CW400) boiler and starts it heated is to elevate a temp from main Smart Thermostat.

Seller told me have to ask TADO (that I did..) for remote activation of zone heating. Was he correct by saying this or I have done something incorrectly during installation/adoption process? How to activate heating from zone?

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  • Majjjo
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    Thanks, now all perfect. Good job!


  • how did you solve it ?

  • Well it took 19 days.... I have almost identical problem and was hoping for a quick fix from support...