Zone heating activation impossible from any Smart TRV.

Good afternoon all.

I am newbie so please apologise my dumb question hereinafter. Just installed Smart Thermostat V3 and 12 SRT V3 as well. Met with most of earlier mentioned issues but I think it is too early for evaluation.

One thing however is creating my headache. I do whatever I can with SRT in any zone, but boiler just ignore any signal for Smart Radiator thermostats. What only wake-up my Junckers-CerapurComfort-28 (CW400) boiler and starts it heated is to elevate a temp from main Smart Thermostat.

Seller told me have to ask TADO (that I did..) for remote activation of zone heating. Was he correct by saying this or I have done something incorrectly during installation/adoption process? How to activate heating from zone?

Thanks and cheers


  • Hello Majjjo,

    When you add Smart Radiator Thermostats in an installation after a Smart Thermostat has already been properly installed and setup, all the new Smart Radiator Thermostat zones will be automatically configured to request heating from the main thermostat individually.

    But if they are added before the thermostat was configured, this configuration won't happen automatically.

    There's also the possibility that you have a system with 3 levels of control (wired Smart Thermostat to a valve + wired Extension Kit to a 2nd valve/boiler) and it could be that the Smart Radiator Thermostats won't work independently for you.

    Please, contact our support with the specifics of your setup and we'll look into this for you:



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