Can't Decide Which Tado I need

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I'm sure this is a common question but any help appreciated.

I have a Potterton Profile, old fashioned exchange boiler, wired thermostat and a Drayton LP722 hot water and heating dual channel controller. Fairly standard setup. Looking at the Taco compatibility list I'm slightly confused and I want to control my heating and hot water. Do I need the wireless kit as that seems to come with a bridge/controller and the wired kit doesn't ?

I have no issue with replacing the wired thermostat with a wireless one

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  • wateroakley
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    Presumably you have a programmer with S-plan or Y-plan zone valves and thermostat on the hot water cylinder? You'll need a broadband connection and router/hub with an ethernet port and power for the dongle. 

    The V3+ Wireless kit will probably do the job. The kit will replace the programmer and has a wireless room stat. You'll decommission the wired thermostat. There are wire links in the kit to make it easy for a competent DIYer and Tado support provided us with a wiring guide to link the old stat as 'call for heat'. If you have TRVs on the radiators, the Tado SRVs can replace them. IIRC the limit is 25 devices in 10 zones. Your boiler documentation says it needs a bypass, if it’s a rad acting as a bypass don’t fit a SRV on this rad.

    Just looked at our gas usage for February and March 2022. We used 23% less gas than the minimum for the same months in the previous four years and the SRVs control the individual room temperatures by time of day. At April 2022 gas prices, our predicted ROI is 1.2 years. 

    The BT web shop has a good offer this week for the Wireless kit with four SRVs, and an ebay seller has the SRVs at the best price for four.


  • @topgazza I was in the same situation as you a couple of weeks ago and with help from the community this is what I recommend.

    1 x Starter Kit Wireless Smart Thermostat V3+. You remove your old wired thermostat and fit the wireless thermostat in it’s place. The best place to buy this kit at the moment is Screwfix. I paid £129 for mine last week.

    In the kit you get the bridge which you need and a Wireless Receiver (Programmer with Hot Water Control).

    If you are passionate about getting a Tado wired thermostat, that can be purchased as an add-on for about £80. I thought I needed a wired thermostat but it’s not necessary.

  • Thank you
    I used to be an electrician so I’m comfortable with that side of it. So it’s a wireless starter kit for me then. But yes, a traditional S plan setup and solid high speed fibre so alls good

    Many thanks again