Double checking Honeywell to tado

So I have a Honeywell cm701 in the hallway and was told I need the hardwired starter kit.

Done, brought, last night paired the tado unit with the WiFi bridge.

on my Honeywell there is only 2 wires connected in the connections.

There is a A and also a B on the left side.

So when checking via the app for the install, it shows the following

B will go into the ND part and
A will go into the COM part

for some reason it has a C dashed but I don't have a third wire in use

I would show the pics but can add here via app?

so is above correct as like to do today



  • well it's installed, but coming on earlyer then I have scheduled in the app
  • wateroakley
    edited April 3

    Hello James, have you checked the lights and disabled the ‘early start’ ?