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Energy IQ calculation behaviour

The calcul for "Hestimate heating consumption" should be include the fix price of a monthly gaz plan.
Overwise the amouth in euros can not be correct.

Example with the French case:
We have a fix price in addition to the volume of gaz they use every month. March, I had to pay 19.30 euros (monthly plan to have access to the gaz, even if I don't use any gaz during this month) + 54 euros (my consumption of gaz).
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  • Manuel

    @artigan thanks for your feedback. We considered allowing to save also the fixed price to the tariff data. Our real life interviews however showed that for many users it is already very complex to find the unit price on the heating bill. Adding the fix price would lead to additional complexity and people giving up on Energy IQ altogether.

    For now we believe that seeing the variable price is the most important information, since it allows you to see how you heating behaviour affects your heating costs. We will keep monitoring the most requested improvements for EIQ in the upcoming months.

  • OK I understand. In France the fix part of the tariff seem to be the same for all operators, thanks to the French regulation.