Which Tado product?


My current home heating has 2 independent Zones.

Zone 1 control the combi boiler for heating and hot water, and have a remote Honeywell thermostat. I have replaced this with Tado Starter Kit Wireless Smart Thermostat V3+.

Zone 2 is controlled by a Honeywell CM707 located in room A.

Question 1: Is Tado Wired Smart Thermostat the right product to replace Zone 2’s CM707

Question 2: If I want Zone 2 to monitor and response to Room B (instead of the original Room A), what should I do as there is no existing wire/thermostat set up in Room B?


  • wateroakley
    edited April 4

    @Cng Q1. Probably.

    Q2. Don’t know. IIRC, Tado can control 10 zones and 25 devices. We have one physical heating zone and ten logical zones to split up the house and rooms for Part L zone compliance. To think about an answer, need to know about the heating system and controls you have installed, and what you are trying to do.