API Integration for Energy IQ

I use the energy provider Octopus In the UK, and they provide me with an API key for my account that can be used for getting meter readings and other things. It would be so good if, in Energy IQ, I could put in the API key so that the meter reading were added automatically.
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  • P1 meter reading API in the Netherlands. Would be great to reuse work done by Smile with their P1 gateway.
  • This is a great idea. Would give much greater accuracy of usage by device & make it easier to get reports. Octopus is now the UK’s 5th biggest supplier (or maybe bigger since all the small firms collapsed) with 3m+ customers, so has the scale to make the API integration worth it!
  • Great idea. It would also help with calculating actual heating use as the app reports 'heating' when it seems it's only asking for heat but not doing any. This makes working out actual consumption more tricky.

  • Same. Love the idea. Avoids having to key in data manually. If not, an easier way to bulk load data would be helpful.
  • The P1 meter connected to my Smart Meter for electricity and gas is connected to my WiFi. The Energy + app picks up the information from the P1 meter.

    I wonder can tado not build this connection in the Energy IQ part of the tado app?

  • It sounds like a reasonable request but.......I really don't see tado° doing anything as useful as this..... I might be proved wrong, but I doubt it.
  • Does tado° staff not read the community suggestions and is it better to submit a feature request or is tado° not willing to accept to accept feature requests from customers?

  • Definitely a required feature. I am going to sack of energy IQ until it’s a slicker data sync. I am also with Octopus