Which Tado products for water UFH

We're renovating a house we just bought and looking to install smart heating but I'm confused on what we need..!

We have already installed Tado smart TRV to the radiators (4 bedrooms have the Tado smart TRVs, with one of the rooms having the wireless temp sensor and the wireless receiver connected to our combi boiler).

We are getting water underfloor heating installed on the ground floor and will have 3 separate heating zones (kitchen/diner, hallway, lounge) as zoned by the water UFH system.

What add-on Tado products do I need so I can control each of the 3 zones for the water UFH independently and so they can connect to the boiler? We do not have any wired thermostat connected to the boiler in our house currently (only the Tado wireless receiver).