Always-on Underfloor and Radiators advice

Hi folks
Looking for advice before buying a set to Tado gear to make sure I’m getting the correct products.
I have an exhaust air heat exchanger keeping the hot water at temp. This is backed up by a gas boiler for heavy use times.
Upstairs each room has a radiator so I plan to add smart TRVs from Tado. I think that’s fairly straightforward.
Downstairs each room has wet underfloor and a non-smart wired wall thermostat that feeds into a non-smart controller that in turn controls 8 x 24V NC actuators on an 8-loop manifold (to 5 zones).
Would a Tado wired thermostat be a plug-and-play solution for each downstairs room?
Do I need to pop the thermostat off the wall to see what wiring I have there? If so, what am I looking for?
I’m amateur handy with home wiring of smart switches etc and know enough to leave the dangerous stuff to a pro. Is a Tado wall thermostat an amateur-friendly install?
Thanks in advance.