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Can you not have a Forum for tech issues

The guys at the shop do seem a little under pressure.

Keeping a website uncluttered is always good but I’ve just spent (Typ waiting time 30 min.) a significant time trying to get a data sheet/ engineering evaluation of the Rad controllers they don’t appear to have one ( the eng/evl I can understand but the data sheet ) ?
Why can’t at least the instructions.pdf that comes with the unit be available online ? ( SO let’s have a Tec Forum)

Now apparently they do take rechargeable AA with a high capacitance over 2000ma, the initial cost of these are not cheep but would save in the long run. Set against Good grade alkaline 10 rads = 20AA = £££ every year?? ( + what about Mother Earth?)

So it’s Rechargeable’s + Solar.
Ok so you don’t have solar (So someone suggested a 10 or 20w panel (£8-£10) via usb to charge a pair at a time in the summer - available online? ( SO let’s have a Tec Forum.) ?

+ you wouldn’t have to wait 30mins to have a question answered which was partly on the website all the time because the help pages, Spartan though they are, are not afforded to be accessed due to there lack of visibility (the link is not plainly visible).

Would save a lot of enquires?

The tighter things get the less people want to spend unless, they can definitely see the benefits! I appreciate your guarantee on refund but there again our PM Bozo has Now set the standard, Has He Not ?
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