Modify Limits of Room Temperature Control



  • This is completely unacceptable, I just got 20 valves installed in an old house, the radiators are embedded in the wall and enclosed in wood. As soon as the system came on most of the heads started measuring 30 deg Celsius or more and closed all the valves. I need an urgent solution, I'm effectively unable to heat my home after installing equipment literally worth thousands of dollars
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    Is 'embedded in the wall and enclosed in wood' not the key problem here?

    • Will any other device work perfectly is such environment?
    • Did you try temperature offset?
  • @santip you’re going to need to buy some wireless temperature sensors and set them to be the measuring device. That’s your solution.
  • Hi,

    im just wondering did this been improving for NOT limited to 25°C and can give user full contorl our own temperature. So many people need this and don't think did company actually accept user's respond???

  • How is it possible that this thread exists since 2019 and Tado has never changed anything. A admin only wrote a message, saying its a safety feature.

    I do understand that point and its good there is a default maximum of 25 degrees. But some people want maybe more than 25 or have oddly placed radiators. For example mine are right next to big windows. So Tado measures 25 degrees but in the room I measure 20 degrees. Sure there is an offset feature for this, but I still want to heat over 25 degrees in my bathroom and this is something EVERY normal thermostat can do and even other smart thermostats like Netatmo can do. At least let me override the maximum on my own risk.

    Also as people already said for summer maintenance this is important and it feels really not smart to screw off a smart thermostat to be able to test my heater.

    Its not that hard to integrate this feature into the system and should just be an option I can set in the app. Its just disappointing cause everything else is so well done on the Tado app. So please just add this feature, it has been 3 years and so many people requested this…
  • My first smart thermostat 10 years ago (EQ Max) was having the feature of keeping the valve open if the temperature set was above 30° (yes, the limit was 30° and not 25°...).

    How comes that Tado is 10 years behind on this feature?

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    I am also here to argue for the opposite situation. I would like to be able to limit people in the house from being able to turn up the TRVs beyond 22 degrees in order to save energy. Offset is an option but it's not great when checking the data because I have to do a mental calculation regarding the actual temperature. I think an upper limit per room (perhaps between 20-25ºC) should be a fairly easy software update.

    Tado should provide features encouraging economical and ecological usage.