Modify Limits of Room Temperature Control

Is it possible to modify the upper limit of the Heating Temperature in the Smart Thermostat (it is currently restricted to 25 degrees Centigrade)?

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  • I would also like to limit the maximum temp to 23 rather than 25
  • I would also need this feature, to limit the range the user can or not set via the physical device. the app should allow the super user to set the range.

  • My kids are messing with the room control unit and setting the temperature to 25 degrees. I want to limit this ability and limit the maximum temperature to a more reasonable value.

  • I have a zone with a tado thermostat and want to limit the maximum to below the current maximum

  • +1 this is a need to have feature
  • +1 this is a need to have feature!

  • Yes, this is highly necesarry. Silly that there is a limit at all!, as this is a personal preference (In my case the valve an termostat is placed behind sound absorbing material, that also is very effective insulation. SO when the room i 17 degree, the valve thinks its 25. Not it's fault, but annoying I can just turn up the heat

  • If you want to set a lower limit, you can achieve this with IFTTT integration; just set up a rule that if temp is higher than 23 or whatever, set the temperature on Tado to 23 degrees.

    Useful if someone in the house keeps turning it right up as they'll think it's turned up, but it isn't really.

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    Please also like my related idea to make the early start better. Tado wasted 1 hour of energy each day because the early start functionality heats up 1 hour too early.

  • Please give us an option to set the temperature higher than 25 degrees C. (And an option to always heat max / never stop heating). It would be greatly appreciated.
  • I really need this feature as well.
    I have a floor heating thermostat on the basement, which controls the heating in the bathroom above. Also in some of my rooms the thermostat is "hidden" in a call corner and thinks it's hotter than it really is.
  • RSB
    It is a shame to have such a nice device that allows other advanced functionality to not be able to have a higher temp setting or the ability to set the max.
  • This override for 25 c limit is needed if you need to test your heating system after having new radiators installed or system drained and refilled due to another maintenance task. If you do this work in the summer (which you normally would so you don't freeze in your own home) and your home is warmer than 25 c you can't actually test your hot water system to check if the maintenance work has been successful.

    Please enable an override to the limit so I can at least test my hot water system after maintenance work.
  • BTW: Italy regulates how high you can turn your central heating up. It applies to everyone but is more easily enforced in shared buildings.

    Private homes, offices and schools are not supposed to be heated to more than 20 degrees C – though the norms allow a margin of 2 degrees, so the very warmest you can go is 22 degrees C.

    Meanwhile factories and workshops should be kept at 18 degrees C (or 20 degrees C if really necessary)


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    Just change the offset.

    In the app open Settings > Rooms & Devices and select the room you want update. Move the offset according to your needs.

    Thanks later
  • I have increased the offset to the maximum (10°), but still it stops and closes the valve to a certain point when even I would like the radiator to be on. Is there any option we could constantly keep it on regardless of temperature?!
  • Just to correct my last comment, I just decreased the offset to minimum (-9.9) and now it all works well. But still it would be great to have a constantly on option.