Considering Tado with Worcester Bosch 30si Compact combi - advice needed!


I'm considering buying a Tado wireless thermostat with smart TRVs to go with my Worcester Bosch 30si Compact combi-boiler. It also has a Comfort RF controller and remote thermostat built into the front-panel. I've unscrewed the front and can see the electrical connections.

I hope you can help me with a few questions:

  • it appears that in the UK, to get modulating support, it can only be done with the old extension kit ( V3P-EK01-TC-ML ) which has the 36 volt EMS bus connectors. Is this correct?
  • do I need to remove the Comfort RF controller? This appears to call-for-heat in a modulating way via a ribbon-cable connector underneath the unit when the remote thermostat triggers. Would the Tado connected to the EMS bus override this? It looks like a pain to remove and I'd need a blanking plate according to the Worcester manual ( )
  • I'm still wondering whether Tado is the best solution. I've also looked at Worcester's own smart thermostat (EasyControl) and their smart TRVs, but it appears much clunkier, but does support modulation via the EMS connection. Hive doesn't modulate and appears more clunky, Nest doesn't support smart TRVs, then there's others like Eve and Netatmo. I'd prefer Apple HomeKit support, but not essential. It would appear that Tado doesn't work well if your Internet connection goes down or if Tado's AWS servers are unreachable.
  • geo-fencing and room-by-room control are must-haves, given the current price increases in gas. Longer-term I'd consider a heat-pump, but far too expensive currently.

Thanks in advance! Attached is a photo with the Comfort RF controller circled and the EMS bus connection pointed to. Has anyone else done this before? How easy is it? I'm happy to use a soldering iron and do basic electronics, but I don't want to destroy my system - my wife and 5 children would not be happy if they're cold (which is why I'm considering it now in late April, and not in October).

I also read that Tado will be bringing out new hardware (thermostat?) later this year? And can you run Tado with just the smart TRVs from the app without the thermostat? That would allow me to incrementally try them out, especially with regard to noise opening/closing the valves. Hope they're mostly toddler-proof!

Thanks in advance!