Two Tado, two boilers, one house

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I have 2 Tado thermostats in a house. Each one is connected to a boiler. 1 is connected via a wired connection to a system boiler. The other is wireless to a combi boiler. When the wired thermostat triggers it turns on both boilers and thus both heating circuits. When the wireless thermostat is triggered only the combi boiler is triggered (this is correct)
How can I tell my wired thermostat to not talk to the wireless receiver?
This generally is not an issue as if the heating needs to go on then the whole house is heated. I wasn't even aware of this issue until the boiler servicing man asked me to run each boiler separately when he was servicing them and noticed this strange behaviour.
The wireless bridge, and wireless Tado are only physically connected the combi.
The wired Tado is only physically connected to the system boiler, but I guess can 'see' the wireless bridge.
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    The thermostat configuration permits the selection of wireless or wired mode. It's a single field and I don't see how both can be active at the same time. I may be wrong, but I cannot see how you'd get both modes under normal operation.

    You probably need to make contact with the support team to verify the configuration for your account.

  • I have 'chatted' to a lady (Cheriel) who changed the config of my wired Tado and now they now both work independantly.

    The Combi side of the house was getting so hot as the system boiler still required heat and thus was keeping it on even though the Wireless Tado had 'turned off' the combi.

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    For documentation reasons, I'll give this answer. It is something you can set in the app. In the app, under Settings -> Rooms & Devices -> [name of room] you can find a setting called 'Zone Controller'. When this room asks for heat, the device that is selected as a zone controller for that room will also start. This is usually the device that is wired to your boiler; a wireless receiver or a wired thermostat.

    When you have 2 heat sources (like boilers or valves or...), you will have 2 zone controllers to choose between. In the example of Matdey, what happened is that both rooms had the wireless receiver selected as their zone controller. Thus, both rooms were able to activate that one boiler. In most homes this is correct, but in this case it was not. The change that was made here is that for the room with the wired thermostat, the zone controller was changed from the wireless receiver to the wired thermostat.

    This seems relatively complex, but now imagine a similar situation but with additional rooms with smart radiator thermostats. With the zone controller function you can also choose for each of those rooms which boiler they should activate.