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realising to the removal of the extension kit from my system

My question is relating to the following activity.

Some time ago I incorporated the extension kit into my system. This was installed in the original location of the thermostat using the existing three wires. The thermostat was relocated and batteries installed, so at present the thermostat communicates wirelessly to the extension kit to operate my Viessmann boiler.

I have decided to revert my system back to its original form by removing the extension kit and shifting my thermostat (minus batteries) back to its original location and directly wire it back into my system using the three wires (live, neutral & signal{up/down})

My Questions:

  1. Do I need to perform any sort of network closedown prior to switching off the power in order to perform the above change?
  2. When I have completed the change and my thermostat is now wired into the system and the extension kit is no longer part of the system. Do I need to do anything other than switch on the power for the system to come back up including communicating over the internet to Tado?


  • Hello colinC1_1,

    To perform these changes you'll need to contact our support so we can provide you with specific instructions to do this and also prepare your system's configuration.


    You don't need to take any extra step, apart from switching the power off before following the instructions you'll receive and switch it back on once the re installation is complete.



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