Smart AC control to activate AC based on room temperature

Currently the Smart AC control turns on the AC unit at the start of a time block, regardless of the temperature.

In my opinion that's a major flaw, because most (all?) home AC units still run their fan even if the room temperature is below the setpoint, so it's a waste of energy and also annoying to have the fan blowing continually when not needed.

What I would like Tado to do is turn the AC on at the start of a time block BUT only if the temperature is above / below the set point.

With this feature, you could set the AC to turn on overnight, cooling to 22degC. If it’s a cool day the AC won’t turn on, but if it’s above 22degC when the time block starts, then the AC will be turned on. After that, the AC will maintain the selected temperature until the end of the time block, at which point it will turn off.

Without this feature, then the AC will come on every night even in winter, or you just have to manually turn it on / off. Not very 'Smart'...!

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