The Tado internet bridge drastically slows down my internet connection


I've bought the Tado Smart Thermostat – Starter Kit V3+ and a Tado Smart Valve, however, if I have my internet bridge plugged in, my internet speed drops. I have a 900MB/s (DL) to 300MB/s (UP) fibre connection. If the bridge is unplugged, my speed and latency is stable at 3ms, but when I connect the bridge for just a second, I suddenly get a latency of 30ms and a speed of 50MB/s. There are two switches between me and the modem, do you think that could be the root of the problem? I've never had any issues with other internet bridges like the Yale Access Bridge or Philips Hue Bridge.


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    I would start by looking at the negotiation speeds for all ports on both switches and the modem. The default setting is normally 'Auto'. Look at the negotiated speeds before and after the bridge is connected. You may need to manually set a port speed. The bridge is slow at only 10M half duplex.

  • Both of my switches are unmanaged, is there anything I can do besides that? Without having to buy two new managed switches.
  • In the absence of a management interface a network analyser tool can be used to study the traffic on your network. Wireshark is the best choice, and it's free, but it's a tool designed for network professionals. There used to be some tutorials on YouTube, but it's still going to be a lot of effort to capture and analyse packets of data.

  • @dotmiracle This is probably caused by a duplex mismatch because auto-negotiation is failing between the Tado bridge and the switch, causing multiple collisions and general network slowdown.

    A solution might be buying a cheap managed switch like the TP-link TL-SG105E that costs around 19 euro, and has the ability to manually set the ethernet speed on a switch port to 10Mbit half duplex (which connects to the Tado bridge). It can also do IGMP snooping. You only need one new switch.

  • For what it's worth I have had a similar issue with a Tado bridge directly connected to my BT Smart Hub 2, though mine was a more intermittent problem where the speed would drop from its usual 4-500mbps down to maybe 20-30 for a period and then come back to normal a while later. This seemed to be happening several times a day and started when I installed my bridge.

    I have instead connected the bridge to a spare port on a separate switch (a very cheap TP-Link LS1005G that I picked up for a little over £8 from Amazon) and this appears to have resolved the issue.

    Oddly the issue was only affecting WiFi speed while the wired connection remained stable so I can't rule out that just physically moving the bridge further from the router may have had an impact.