Summer/Winter Mode

The app should have a summer mode which, once activated, amends all schedules down by a predetermined amount, to counter ambient temperatures. For example, 22 degrees in winter feels comfortable, whereas 22 degrees in summer feels too hot. This is due to ambient temperatures, which affect heat retention. Now that temps have increased for summer, I either have to turn off all rads, or manually adjust them all down. It would be great if summer mode could just amend all schedules at once.
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  • Nikllas
    Yes, now it is needed to save print screens to remember what to have different time of the year.

    In the schedules for each thermostat etc I want an "Add schedule" - button, then I can choose template to use on that schedule like "Mon-Sun" or "Mon - Fri, Sat, Sun" or "Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun", then I can give it a name (which I can rename later too).

    I want to be able to make several schedule for each thermostat etc.

    Then there shall be a "dot"-option to choose what schedule to be activated.

    Looking forward to se it in next version ;)
  • PaulDG
    edited June 2022
    @GrayDav4276 What 3 schedules?

    I have "Home" and "Away". That's all.

    Edit. Ah. Do you mean the three different "Days of Week" options - That Mon-Sun can be different to "Sat/Sun, MTWTF", etc.?

    I hadn't realised they were different, and it does have limitations, of course, but yes, interesting possibilities.
  • XKRMonkey
    XKRMonkey ✭✭✭

    In the UK, most digital timeclocks have a "Summer" button or switch which simply disables the CH side of the timer (probably a literal switch in the demand circuit). My dad used to religiously and ruthlessly engage "Summer" mode on May 1st with a cheery "Summer is here - wear a jumper if you're cold!". Summer mode was never turned off again until October 1st. Actually the jumper thing is good advice.

    @TalentedFergal makes a good point about temperature perceptions, and although theoretically the system won't turn on the CH if the rooms are warm because Summer is here, a simple Summer setting that can take the schedule and adjust temperatures down by a user-specified value is a very easy way to ensure that the boiler isn't kicking in to warm one room that doesn't get as much sun or on a slightly cooler summers day just because the windows are open.

    Perhaps "Summer Mode" has a user-configured start and end date, plus a temperature reduction value. Maybe there is an option to simply suspend the schedule (Zone CH Frost Protect) as an alternative to adjusting the target temp, offering flexibility for the user to choose. Add a simple "override" slider to activate Summer mode immediately without having to change the programmed "expected" summer period dates. In each room schedule, there could be a "Activate Summer Settings" mode switch under the "Early Start" mode switch, to allow individual zones to be included/excluded from the Summer settings.

    The main Tado view should show an icon on the Room Tile to indicate that the room is currently applying the configured Summer mode settings.

    I think this feature is overdue. I manually turn off all rooms right now, which isn't a drama but on suddenly cold days I then need to manually go round and enable things and then remember to disable again later. A proper Summer mode that adjusts the comfort according to the season would be much better.

  • featherbelly
    This would be very useful as during the summer I want to keep the heating relatively high in my bathroom to heat my towel rail whilst reducing heat in all other rooms.

    Currently I have to tweak my heating schedules about 4 x per year to stop heating coming on when I don’t want it.
  • LekkerS
    Totally agree that a summer mode is much needed to make Tado actually useful with modern heat pump systems where chilled water can be circulated in cooling mode.

    The scheduler itself need to be much more flexible than the three "day of the week" presets now consider working pattern has long changed from Mon-Fri since pandemic!! Just doesn't make sense not to be able to create a completely flexible schedule for any day of the week!!

    And add a summer schedule or time of the year schedule really!!

    For cooling mode there's no need for any heat pump specific adaptation as Tado has responded in another post, just a logic change of NO and NC will do fine!!

    (And let the typically dumb wiring centre continue to be simple - contact close, valve on, demand "heat" or actually cold!)

    Better yet would be accepting an input (say at the hot water extension kit) for the "cooling mode on" signal (most are just 240v AC) to auto change to cooling mode but this can be hardware to be available in the future.

    For now there's no easy means other than very convoluted way as I've seen someone suggested to use a relay for each Tado to switch the NO/NC upon cooling signal/remote input.

    If anyone in Tado is reading you don't really want to loose customers to other venders who can actually do the same function. To name one Schneider's bought up (Drayton) Wiser UFH system (although it's their "wiring centre" doing the logic) is able to do just that and installers are increasingly favour those when customers asked for cooling control of their heat pump system!!

    Don't forget a house with heat pump system can easily have half a dozen or more Tados dotted around for each (typically UFH) zone.

    I am afraid Tado will fall out of fashion if it doesn't catch up with the current trend especially when the climate is getting warmer for longer...