EnergyIQ bad UI design for viewing history



Thanks for the latest EnergyIQ update:

>> Energy IQ has been updated, and now you can view your historical heating consumption all the way back to when you first installed tado°. To check your consumption from a previous period, open the Energy IQ skill and select the desired month from the dropdown menu at the top of the screen.

One issue: Can I just say that the drop-down makes it incredibly cumbersome to go through and inspect the consumptions of the previous months. Can I please suggest to *keep* the drop-down (it has its uses if you want to go far back, e.g. 6-7 months or 1+ years), BUT, in addition, something like being able to scroll right/left to move back and forward through the months.

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  • Deek_Ireland1

    Tado now need to expand the feature so we can look at 6 months of data and compare it to a previous year to help us improve our energy savings by adapting our heating to improve efficiency.

  • GrayDav4276

    That's assuming that your use of Hot Water and Cooking (if by gas) is exactly the same......which of may not be.

    Tado° use too many assumptions within this feature for it to be any more than a "best guess"'s not something that I would be relying on for any worthwhile information.