Airco fan speed control with Google Assistant

It appears that setting fan speeds (low, medium, high, auto) for our Tado controlled airco devices with Google Assistant is currently not supported. We can set the temperature, and set cooling or heating with Google Assistant, but not the fan speed. Fan speed is always set to “medium” if you turn the Airco on with Google Assistant, whereas we want it to be set to “auto”. We need this for our home automation system, which uses Google Assistant. I suggest to add this feature.

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  • B.t.w. Google Assistant is also known as Google Home. For instance I need to be able to say: “Hey Google, set airco to cooling at 22 degrees and set airco fan to automatic”. Currently I can only set the temperature of the airco with Google Home / Assistant, the fan speed will always be set to medium, even if it was last set to automatic. This is not useful for us. There is at least one other product that has implemented the fan speed control with Google Home,, so it is possible.

  • To be sure, you can set the fanspeed of the airco within the Tado app?

  • It should be possible to configure a 'default' Fan speed, so that when we ask Google to 'turn on the A/C' it would select that Fan speed (e.g. Auto) and not always the minimum fixed speed as today.