Build own iOS app or use iOS shortcuts - use API to allow multi home support



Has anyone played with the idea of either building their own iOS app or using iOS shortcuts / automation to make API calls? Specifically making an API call to set home or away status based on geolocation. I don’t need any more multi home support than geolocation, everything else is OK in the web interface (if I have to). Some example work to build on such as

Anyone interested in collaborating? Simplest framework to use?


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  • I can write iOS apps - but it's torture trying to get an iOS app into the app store so we could all get access to a bootleg tado app - it might not pass Appstore the approval process, then you have to keep maintained, working and up to date, unpaid, otherwise it would be worse than the real app, realistically, I don't have enough time, plus we would be breaking all our various TOS, warranties and safety regulations.

    Writing an app out of annoyance did cross my mind - but I bought two tado systems (soon to be three?) to save me time, not to get bogged down in reverse engineering APIs.

    Maybe Tado could write an app? Maybe they could write an app to allow people to use their smart thermostats in different locations, so ther system would work for repeat customers? Maybe? Please? Tado?