Spread temperature range on Tado smart ac control


hi, I have a problem with Smart AC controls funcion.

I have an vacation apartment that is heated by AC, and in winter time we set +8C on AC and leave it for whole season, with Tado smart AC I can heat min. to 16C that is too much for me, all I need is frost protection, or to set lowest heating temperatre.

Could you spread the range of temperature conctrol in heater mode? thanks!

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  • A workaround would be using a temperature sensor in the appartment that is homekit enabled. Then you could make a homekit automation that switches on the airco when it is 8 degrees or higher, and an additional automation that switches the airco off when it is warmer than i.e. 10 degrees.

  • Linas
    You mean to use Wireless Temperature Sensor, togeter with Smart AC?
    Smart AC control has a Thermostat, and shows the temp. of apartment, and to spend extra it doesnt make sense.

    To add such functionality would be much easier for me as a customer:)
  • Yes, you can use the temperature sensor within the Smart AC. For some reason not directly via an automation on the temperature. Then you cannot set the airco. At least for me that is not possible.

    But you can instead use within the Home app an automation via the Smart AC sensor to turn on a Scene which turns on the airco. You make one automation to switch on the Scene when the temperature is higher than 8 degrees, and one automation to turn off that Scene when the temperature is higher than i.e 10 degrees.

  • We have a room that heats up wonderfully during the day. We’d like to keep that heat and only top it up at night. The easiest way for us to do this is a range. If I could set a range of 18-28 then we would never be too hot, never too cold and my bills managed.