Ideal Combi C30 boiler installing Tado Smart thermostat

Hi All,
I had an Ideal Combi C30 boiler install done last year. They give us a standard on/Off timer. We would like to install the Tado smart thermostat my son's got me for father's Day.
But I've confused myself about the wiring between forums, manual and Tabo

Can anyone help


  • Do you have a separate thermostat? If so is it wired to the boiler or is it wireless? If it’s wireless you’ll need an extension kit. If it’s wired you can replace it with the wired Tado thermostat. If you don’t have a thermostat at all at the moment you’ll need either to wire the Tado thermostat to the boiler or get an extension kit and link the Tado thermostat to that.
  • Hi Jonny,
    From what I can see. The boiler is linked to a timer that is wireless to another device that lets us turn on and off and set timers

    This link has photos of all the wiring from boiler to switch
  • I can’t see that link but it sounds like you have a wireless thermostat. You’ll need the Tado wireless extension kit if you don’t already have it and you may need to disconnect the timer in the boiler. Tado support can talk you through how to install it.