Small change to "Boost Heat all Rooms."


During the summer I use the "Boost Heat all Rooms" quick action to activate the heating once a week to keep the pipes clear and exercise the thermostatic valves. It works fine but at the end of the boost period it returns the system to the schedule rather than the state it was in before boost was pressed which, in this case, is "Turn Off all Rooms."

It would be better if at the end of the boost period the system was returned to whatever state it was in when boost was selected.


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  • Jacopo
    Just to add that ‘boost’ just increases the target temperature to 25°; that’s not enough to turn on all the radiators in the summer; there should be an option to run all radiator at once no matter the current temperature
  • hugbilly
    hugbilly ✭✭✭

    That is true, Jacopo, but where I live that very seldom happens !

  • Devdev
    Same remark as Jacopo, in my opinion, boost should completely open the valves regardless of temperature.