Can the Tado be used for one customer with multiple homes?

We use Tado as our smart option and have a number of customers who have multiple homes and would like to control them all from the one app is this possible


  • What’s the workaround here? Is the only way to logout and log back in to the Tado app as a different user? Or would it be better to go for a completely different system? If so, advice please for air con control. Is Sensibo any good?
  • Please check out this link
  • So my workaround will be as follows.

    1) install 3 x Smart AC control in my vacation home by creating 3 new rooms in my existing house.

    2) disable all geofencing controls, since the two houses are 1000 miles apart

    3) Cancel auto assist package as will have to rely on manual control.

    I think this will work as the Smart AC does not need the Tado Hub - they connect straight to wifi.

  • Scrap that. My workaround is to have bought an alternative system! It becomes to complex otherwise!

  • davidlyall
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    I posted a workaround for Android users a while back. You can run two copies of the app using Samsung secure folder. That will probably cover the vast majority of people with more than one home

    Search for the word "workaround" and you will find it
  • Seaward
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    I haven’t tried it yet but it’s been suggested I can add a 2nd Tado account via Apple’s ‘Home’ app on my phone.

    I have the Tado app set up for my Airbnb but I want to install it at home. It makes sense to be able to add a 2nd account this way - has anybody tried?
  • johnnyp78
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    You might be able to add more Tado devices this way but you wouldn’t be able to set a schedule.