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I would like to use tado in my main house and in my vacation home. Currently this is only possible by using one account through the app and the other account using the web-app.

I would like to have both available in the same account.

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  • CescoCesco ✭✭
    edited January 30

    I like this idea, then I wouldn't need to switch back and forth when I visit my inlaws (they have tado too).

  • 100% agree. I think I’m in trouble I bought one for my house and another for another premises,what can I do?

  • FrankFrank | Admin


    We want to use this thread to gather some feedback as to what features this user management should have, as well as gauge demand, so any ideas are really appreciated.

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  • GertGert
    edited February 27

    I am currently debating whether to buy a tado for my vacation home. I am a happy tado user since 2016. I own a Smart Thermostat v3 and 5 radiator thermostats which manage the heating of my home. I really like the system and therefor I am thinking of also installing it at my second home (starting with just a smart thermostat, but also might add 6-7 smart radiator thermostats as well).

    However, the fact that tado doesn't support multi-home is holding me back. I could target a specific device (e.g. iPad) or use just the web-interface, but I prefer to also enable geo-fencing support.

    I would be happy to be a beta-tester and/or provide feedback on such new feature.

  • OlioOlio
    I have tado at my main home and also my vacation home, using 2 different email addresses. Would be ideal to have both homes on the app together rather than having to switch accounts.
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