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I would like to use tado in my main house and in my vacation home. Currently this is only possible by using one account through the app and the other account using the web-app.

I would like to have both available in the same account.

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  • CescoCesco ✭✭
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    I like this idea, then I wouldn't need to switch back and forth when I visit my inlaws (they have tado too).

  • 100% agree. I think I’m in trouble I bought one for my house and another for another premises,what can I do?

  • FrankFrank | Admin


    We want to use this thread to gather some feedback as to what features this user management should have, as well as gauge demand, so any ideas are really appreciated.

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  • GertGert
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    I am currently debating whether to buy a tado for my vacation home. I am a happy tado user since 2016. I own a Smart Thermostat v3 and 5 radiator thermostats which manage the heating of my home. I really like the system and therefor I am thinking of also installing it at my second home (starting with just a smart thermostat, but also might add 6-7 smart radiator thermostats as well).

    However, the fact that tado doesn't support multi-home is holding me back. I could target a specific device (e.g. iPad) or use just the web-interface, but I prefer to also enable geo-fencing support.

    I would be happy to be a beta-tester and/or provide feedback on such new feature.

  • OlioOlio
    I have tado at my main home and also my vacation home, using 2 different email addresses. Would be ideal to have both homes on the app together rather than having to switch accounts.
  • Hi There, having used other web access heating controls Tado should add a manual control to switch from “Home” to “Away” mode as geofencing is great but not always practical for example in a holiday home when guests are visiting . The other feature is to allow for control of multiple homes from one app.
  • I bit the bullet and also got tado for our vacation home, and I completely agree with RoseC—it’s not that bad to use the web interface, but without any device using geofencing the home will stay in “home” mode and heating will remain on.

    It would be really great if tado would natively support two homes.

    Any news on if and when multi-home is going to be supported?

  • HomeKit supports multiple homes so it is crazy that Tado do not in their own app.

  • Recently purchased Tado for our second home, installed via the website and had to create a second account to configure but now realise I cannot use via app. A second phone is not a great solution.

    Any news on when this will be implemented?

  • Please implement this feature as soon as possible. I have tado at home and also for 4 offices that I'm renting out. Multi-home (office) feature would be really helpful on mobile!

    Also I suggest some kind of 1 Admin - Multiple Users configuation would be extremly nice to have for those of us renting out.

    Otherwise i have tado at home now for 1 year and I am very happy with the product and savings. Only complaint i have would be that your road-map feature tend to come really slow (exaclty 0 since I started using tado from november 2018).

  • Any news or ETA? I am really interested in this since I live in between two homes
  • Any update? Due to the 10 room limitation I've just bought a second Tado starter kit,Tado extenion kit and radiators valves so I can effectively have a second installation for the top floor of the house so every room is controlled. I thought switching between two homes would be easy, guess this is not the case.

    Is there an ETA when the app will allow switching between homes or does anyone have some tips for doing this?


  • I have been fiddling with two accounts - one for the East end and one for the West end of our large house for over a year now - having been 'promised' that second home integration was on the 'wish list' at Tado - obviously wishes don't seem to come true at Tado!

  • We will also have to switch to 2 Tado systems in our 5 storey townhouse as the single bridge is not able to reach all levels and drops out multiple times a day. I would rather have 2 bridges in one system. We have 2 boilers so it makes sense, but having to use the app for one half of the house and the web interface of the other half (or 2 different phones) is really clunky.

    I would also like to see a home/away switch. Often there is someone in the house without one of the family being here and it's ridiculous to have to reprogram the heating just to accommodate a one off occurrence.

    Considering that Tado is an expensive way to control your heating I think it's pretty short sighted not to accommodate users with more than one Tado system. Many people have a second or holiday home or use Tado in their office.

    I hope that Tado will implement these upgrades soon.

  • @Frank - as you were asking for specific features

    My use case is a single boiler supplying a main house and a rented flat attached. I’d like to give the tenant the possibility to control the a system for their flat independently while ensuring that the shared boiler is controlled efficiently to support both homes. Effectively if one or both homes have a demand for heat it switches on, if neither then off.

    If this is already possible any help in setting this up welcomed.
  • @Frank - as you were asking for specific features

    My use case. I have Tado and home and Tado at my office. I would like to be able to use Geofencing for both locations using my phone and be able to control either system through the app , ideally by selecting which "home" I want to view/control through a soft switch in the app

  • FrankFrank | Admin


    I think this situation would require advanced user rights management, but the problem here is that it would also need to be GDPR compliant (as the Landlord-Tenant relationship falls under this), and this is not something we have planned in the near future.


    This is exactly the type of use-case Multi-Home would be intended for.

  • GertGert

    @Frank is this feature in the works? Can you comment on if and when it can be expected to be supported by tado?

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