Longer graphs?

1) Show all devices on a single page in a graph
2) Show the graph as above but showing 1 week, 1 month etc intervals?
3) is there an external Tado device that can be installed to indicate the true outside temperature/humidity?
4) Can the graphs be printed?
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  • Lampylad

    +1 all day long.

    I love my Tado, despite the quirks of the TRV not measuring the actual room temp and the need for a separate digital thermostat / being able to use it with Home Assistant/ITTT/API release

    The need for being able to look at longer time references of the graphs is a basic fix, as well as consistency of the vertical temps (one day it 17-21, next its 18-22 back n forth) so I can compare with energy use etc.

    Even access online and not through the app for the graphs, making the web based account 'larger' with more options

  • Pierluigi
    edited February 1
    Netatmo has this feature as well allowing to zoom in out with two finger gesture