Temperature history and alarms


I would like to suggest a graph per Tado thermostat so I can follow up the change in temperature for instance during the night.

Also an alarm function that notifies me when a thermostat goes lower or higher than the set temperature (1) and an alarm that notifies me when the thermostat goes the other way than the set temperature(2).

Use case: In the summer when the heating is off, I like to ventilate/cool down the house by opening windows early in the morning. I would like to be notified when a room has gotten down to the desired temperature so I can close the windows before the sun starts to warm(1). The alarm would also notify me when for instance the room is 20 °C and I set the target to 19°C and it goes down to 19.2°C but the next change is 19.3°C (2). This would notify me to close the windows.

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    An alarm for each thermostat device with several user variable thresholds would be helpful.