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Smart AC offset to outside temperature


With the crazy heatwave happening these past few days I had some issues with my Smart AC schedule.

Normally I keep it set to cool the room to 24°Celsius as that gives me a good enough temperature during more normal days. But now with the heatwave reaching temps of 35° and higher setting the AC to 24° makes the room feel frigid. I actually prefer to only cool the room 2 degrees lower than the outside temperature. This is enough to make the room feel cold without using excessive amounts of energy.

So, the feature I would like to have is to not set the AC to an absolute temperature but to a relative one. Example: the outside temp is 32°C, my configured offset is -2. So the Smart AC sets the unit to 30°. (Taking into account the min/max temp of the AC.)

Smart AC can get the outside temperature either from an internet source or perhaps a new tado° outdoors thermometer device so that the system can work without an internet connection.

Of course, this relative function shouldn't replace the absolute one. During the winter I want to use my AC as a heater so then I do need the set an absolute value.

This would also combine really well with seasonal schedules so that you can set the AC to use relative temps in spring/summer and absolute values in fall/winter.

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  • Rob
    Rob Admin

    Interesting suggestion. It is also something that tends to be suggested to AC (cooling) usage; don't make the difference with the outside temperature too big. With a reduced difference you'll have a better home climate plus you save energy. I think the suggested max difference is 6°C, but this might depend on who you ask.

    I cannot promise you an outcome, but I'll discuss it with our developers.

  • with a homekit outside temperature device like the Eve Weather you can do this already in Homekit. Just make a lot of automations like:

    IF TempOutside = 30 degrees THEN Cooling to 28 degrees


    IF Temp Outside = 26 degrees then Cooling to 24 degrees

    You could also use range like IF Temp Outside is between 30 degrees and 28 degrees THEN set Cooling to x degrees. It is even possible to include in the automations the Inside temperature via nested automations.

    One disadvantage would be that the Airco beeps everytime a setting is changed by the Tado Smart AC.

    As a sidenote: I hear quite often this max 5 degrees difference but only in relation with aircos. In winter the temperature difference inside to outside is much larger but never it is mentioned as a health risk.