Allow access to DIY install instructions pre-purchase


Trying to get confidence to buy a TADO wireless receiver is hampered by the lack of supported boiler makes and models listed on the website. I have a Vokera Vision 30c.

When you click on 'other' you get stuck in a loop of faqs returning you to the product finder. You need to send an email and wait for a reply (not long). I even tried setting up an account, but you can no do anything in it until you add a device.

Once the device is scanned it suddenly opens up to an immensely larger list of boilers, and the model I have is listed there. But I had to buy it first before I had confidence. If the boiler list on the website had the same database as the app then it would be so much easier to buy with confidence. And if people could see the instructions I am sure this would convert a few more to purchase.

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