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Is it possible to make the maximum temperature of Tado thermostats (currently 25 ºC/77 ºF) adjustable?

Of course my question is related to the climate crisis and the current energy crisis in Europe. Some people do not save energy and their energy use has become extremely expensive. I'm looking for ways to limit those costs.

Right now only the Childproof Lock can be used to do this, which is a rather blunt tool for this purpose.

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Rob Huibers

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  • rafm5
    rafm5 ✭✭✭

    Hi Rob,

    1. Nowadays you are encouraged to save energy, but technically there is not much you can do, especially if your house is efficient. Even if you turn your consumption to zero, your will still have to pay a standing charge (suppliers know that and therefore charge maximum fee they can) The other problem is that you are paying not just for own usage, but 3rd party charges like social levy, government grants you even pay for suppliers that have gone bust, so technically you can’t save!
    2. You are in control of your heating. If family members are not respecting your rules let them pay the bills :-)

    Tado° is very slow when it comes to implementing things, so for the time being option two may be the easiest one.