Hybrid Heat Pump support [Atlantic Aurea 5 R32]

This heatpump comes with the plugwise Anna thermostat using the opentherm protocol to control most combi-boilers, so they control the heatpump and the combi-boiler, but one must remove the Tado thermostat. If plugwise can control the hybrid system, it should be trivial for tado to do the same thing. I would like to remove the Anna thermostat and install my tado control once again.

Hybrid heat pumps require the system to be in equilibrium, and slow and steady is way more efficient than on/off, so there will be the need to create a mode of monitoring the outside temperature, the indoor zones and the incoming heatpump "warm water" to allow the system to reach harmony. Only perform minor consistent burning to bring the radiators up when the outdoor temp is so low that the heat pump can't keep up, and in the special case when we need a single zone to boost up the temp but closing the TRVs to minimum flow on all other zones while this is happening so the heat pump doesn't turn off by the sudden high temp request.

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