Allow naming of smart radiator thermostat

It would be really good if I could assign names to all of my smart thermostats.
It would make it so much easier to identify which one needs its batteries changed.
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  • eezytiger

    Unless you have lots of SRTs per room I'm not sure that I understand the problem. My rooms are named and it is easy to spot which devices need new batteries.

  • Catfunt
    edited September 2022

    I agree with the original idea. The serial numbers have worn off the stickers on mine and so I have to go into the app and get the thermostat to flash 'Hi' to identify the one which needs its batteries changing. I have a number of rooms with two radiator thermostats as can bee seen in the attachment. Just let me name them 'Rad near door' or 'Rad near window' or whatever I want so I can easily identify them.

  • Jeanvc

    I also need this feature, it's painful to find the TRV needing new batteries in a large area with 4 radiators - some hidden behind a cover. I need to walk around the room and test with the 'hi'. Adding a name/label field to the app seems easy enough and would remove a lot of frustration!

    I'm a volunteer to alpha/betatest the feature.

  • I can second this!

    This is a poor design as I NEVER know which devices TADO refers to, when it gives me a serial number as a descriptor! 🤦🏼‍♂️

    The message for replacing thermostat batteries should be along the lines of “Your X room radiator Z needs new batteries”, rather than a useless message like “your radiator xncxrjbvshj needs new batteries”.

    Nobody cares about the radiator serial number, and has no purpose! (It could be provided for anyone interested in a details section, but otherwise please let your customers use some LOGICAL, HUMAN descriptors!)

    Thank you
  • The serial numbers are challenging to locate, leading me to manually search each one. This process isn't user-friendly. Allowing us to rename them would greatly improve user experience.
  • I think this would be very helpful too. I have 3 rads with TRVs in the same room with a separate wall thermostat all assigned to the same room.
    When a TRV needs a battery replacing it would be great to be able to identify which one it is without having to use the flashing “hi” function one on each one.
  • Although not a great solution, I just added every radiator to its own room e.g. Living Room Left, Living Room Right, Dining Area, which are all in the same room.

    Works well for my few radiators.