Possible workaround for multi-home users on Samsung Android devices

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Hi folks

There's been quite a few posts on the multi-home support issue which got me thinking that surely it's possible to run multiple copies of an app on your phone.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 and it appears that the Samsung Secure Folder feature will allow you to have a separate copy of the Tado app with different credentials for each. This should help the majority of users who have one additional property to manage

As a test, I have set up an account using one of my other email addresses and have been able to log into it. I have no devices set up so it reaches the "add device or buy Tado" screen.

My original Tado app is still working normally and showing the devices I have set up. I've not tested exhaustively but so far it looks good.

Not sure if iOS devices can do this natively but there are apps on the App Store that appear to offer this functionality. Maybe someone could test that?

Worth a look if this is something you need and you don't have Apple Homekit



  • Thanks for this suggestion.


  • No worries. I should add that this would likely work on non-Samsung Android phones but you may need to download a sandbox app. The Samsung one is provide by Knox and is called Secure Folder. It appears to be on the Google app store so may be possible to install on other brands

  • Just going to bump this back to the top since it appeared to be a hot topic for several users
  • Many years have passed and there is still no sign of any progress on adding multiple locations. I'd like to add a second Tado system to my office, but there is no facility to do so on the app. It makes no sense. We the customers are less likely to invest in the Tado ecosystem if it cannot grow with us.

  • Not gonna happen with the current generation of tado devices.
  • Not gonna happen with the current generation of tado devices.
  • I really can't see this being a device issue. It would appear to be down to the design of the backend system.