Which adapter for oventrop

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Hey fellow tado community,

I'm a new tado user and now I'm sitting here with a bunch of adapters and none of them seem to fit. I have an oventrop thermostat and I checked the compatibility list here. For me they look all similar. It seems that I have to order a special adapter. Before I do that I'm sure one of you pros can help me to identify the adapter I need (see attached pics) before I have to order some by trial and error. Thanks for you to take the time considering to support me!


I can screw the tado on there, but then the tado unit itself sits quite loose.


(Screw thread diameter ca. 30mm)

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  • bartman
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    I managed to fix it with the Oventrop Adapter M30 x 1.0 mm, EAN 4026755228717 (thanks to the tado support). It's even better than the plastic adapters that come with the tado set itself because this one is metal. It appears very stable. I bought this one: https://amzn.to/3BV2DfQ


  • Not sure if there is a specific adapter for this TRV.
    One option is to take one of your tado° Smart Radiator Thermostats (SRT) to somewhere like "Screw fix or Plumb Centre" (other suppliers are available) and check the fitting on one of the many stocked various TRV's
    You can purchase a replacement TRV for a few £'s and either fit it yourself or employ a local plumber.
  • Hi @GrayDav4276,

    thanks for your reply! I now know that tado has no specific adapter for it. I try to order one in the internet and will reply here if it worked out. Fingers crossed.

  • That's great news @bartman 👍
  • Strange. My Tado replaced the Oventrop (RTL printed on face of top-cap) directly onto towel rack. I'd fussed about trying Tado supplied plastic adapters but then, removed 2 old Oventrop adapter bits and voila, Tado screwed firmly on.