Tado TRV types

Can someone tell me the difference between the Tado ECO TRV and the Smart TRV?

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    The basic TRV does not have an LED display, the temperature settings are simply printed on the dial. And it appears you cannot manually adjust it below 19°C. I find the temperature range weird and totally out of step with energy saving. You can set it 25°C, (why would someone do that), but you cannot set it to 18°C on the actual device. I think a range of 16° to 22° would have been more appropriate.


  • Many thanks for the response, sorry just to clarify, you cannot set the temp to below 19 on the device but can you set it to less on the app?

  • Yes, I understand you have full temperature control in the app. It's just on the device where they have limited the temperature range. Just to add, you can turn off the TRV using the device.

  • Thanks, to be fair the chances of me physically going to each individual TRV and turning them down is very unlikely given that it can be done via the app. It seems that the The ECO ones are significantly cheaper and at the moment much more readily available given and what you've said I'm tempted to go for them.

  • I have never seen an advertisement for a tado° ECO SRT.........?? 🤔
  • This is the ad, by the way I had them in my basket last night £199 for 4, I was looking to wait till I got paid but this morning they'd gone up to £224!!

  • I thought that they were simply the tado° Smart Radiator Thermostats..........especially considering the price........I don't get the "ECO" bit......

  • Eco as in economy I would think, though for that price you might as well get the smart ones.
  • These are on Amazon as “basic” range. Annoyed I didn’t get more, got one from screwfix at the lower price but didn’t try fit as looking to get a plumber now to fit different valves on some of the manual rads. I’ll keep an eye out
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    The ECO or Basic doesn't appear to have temperature display or, at least, not the same. They are also upside down!

  • Only £15 difference in price not really a dealbreaker considering loss of functionality