Advice on set up with underfloor heating/multi zone.

I have underfloor heating downstairs, its a water system and it has been set up possibly in an unusual way. There is no separate control panel for this, it is controlled by the water channel on the central heating programmer. There is a wired thermostat downstairs as well.

upstairs are normal radiators and these are controlled by the central heating channel on the programmer. There is no thermostat, the radiators have thermostatic valves on them.

Is it possible to use a tado thermostat to control my heating? And do it in a better way than using the hot water channel on the programmer?


  • Hello K3v,

    Yes, you can use the Smart Thermostat in your case. It will be a wireless thermostat connected to the Extension Kit, which you would require to replace the current programmer. This way you'll have the heating and hot water control from your app.



  • k3v
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    Thanks for the reply.

    Just to clarify,

    Currently my undefloor heating is controlled by the hater water channel on my programmer. If i use a tado, can i get it to control my undefloor heating with its own thermostat?