Combine "Smart AC control V3+" with other Tado products


When you allready have a livingroom with several Tado products like the "Starter Kit - Wireless Smart Thermostat V3+" and "Smart Radiator Thermostat V3+", but in the same room also an Airconditioning system, let this all work together. There is allready the product, the "Smart AC control V3+", but i've learned that these don't work together. That would be a great advantage to let this all work together. The AC unit can also heat a room.

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  • Agree, the integration of the AC is very poor. I would like to use the AC thermostat to control the radiators in that room during winter (the radiator is in a cover, so rad valve always reads to high) but this is impossible with Tado.

    So frustrating, Apple HomeKit can read the temperature from the Tado AC sensor and use it to start an automation, but Tado's own app can't. There is nothing much 'Smart' about the Smart AC control...