Add choice in default setting when battery is dead


When the battery dies on the v3 thermostat the Central heating goes full on. If your not home to notice this in time you might have a big problem, or at least a free sauna.

The normally open or normally closed mechanic inside should be changeable. I understand that heating in nordic countries might prefer to have to more heating on dead battery then no heating at all. But Here where I live I prefere no heating instead of a sauna. So I asked tado how I could change this default value but they send me here.

Please make this an option or tell me how to fix it

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  • GrayDav4276
    This is not a new issue......if you carry out a "search" of the Forum you can add your vote to an already active thread.
  • I tried that. But couldn't find a topic that matched. Any tips what to search for?

  • I only found this one. But its not a votable topic , but has similar problems

  • GrayDav4276
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    Hi @TomBsTone
    Apologies.....I have conducted my own search and have found that although there are.many posts on this area.....there are hardly any that are actually "requests".
    So please ignore my previous inaccurate advice...... It seems that most people are simply commenting rather than requesting a change to the operation of the reporting process.
    Hopefully your thread will generate a better response from users.
    I have added my vote 👍