IQ for oil

Can we have some way of logging to price and amount of oil when tank.gets filled.
I suspect you can't get it accurate but some idea is better then none. The energy IQ is useless to us oil customers, there I'm sure many out there that use oil.


  • Agree, this would be great! Happy to help with beta (or alpha!) testing.

    Measuring fuel oil consumption is extremely hard. One option could be to record estimated tank volume at a particular date and time. Doing so regularly over a period of time would allow the app to track usage.

  • I support this request
  • Do boilers burn a fixed about of oil/hour

    Could usage be calculated by time boiler is running?
  • Yes, most boilers use a fixed volume of oil when firing. However, the picture is clouded because the max water temperature stat turns the boiler off and also the tado algorithm turns the boiler off part of the time when room temperature is close to the set point. The second thing is difficult to interpret because tado adds up the time the heating percentage is non zero. There is also no record of firing time for domestic hot water.
  • I agree with this, need to record litres of oil and last order price per litre. Then tally up date of reading with cost of oil and tell us the price. We do need to figure out how to mark our tanks with say 100L levels but in sure some bright spark has done that before. Then Tado could learn usage vs boiler fired up time over a time period of months up to a year then we are set until someone changes the boiler temp…
  • 2 million oil boilers in the UK. And data entry is similar to gas meter; date and fuel volume. Consumption is from date of entry to next reading instead of up to last reading, but not hugely complicated.
  • I would like that too. Just moved to somewhere with oil, and also need to Tado. Never had oil before. It would be good to be able to track it, because those of us with oil need an estimate even more, because we don't have a meter. Those with a gas meter can easily track their usage.

    I did try Boiler Juice Connected. But it only gives a reading of how much oil is in the tank, in litres and as a percentage. Unfortunately, it only does that once a month, and seemed to be wildly out, so I cancelled it almost immediately. At first it was saying I had less oil than I have, and then saying I more oil than I have.

    I don't see how an oil boiler can use a fixed amount of oil when firing. It must surely use different amounts, depending on set flow temperature, return temperature, when it last fired, whether it's a condensing boiler or not.

    I wonder how widespread oil boilers are in Europe as a whole. I don't suppose the impending oil boiler ban in 2025 will help with getting Tado onside on this one, for the UK at least. I'll be a bit stuffed on that one. I can't have insulation and heat pump because most of my house has lost of asbestos. I was hoping to just quietly improve the oil heating bit at a time, but heard about the ban of new boilers about 2 weeks after moving in.