Install replacing Switchmaster 9001. Did I do this right?

Also hopefully a reference for others. Older system with a water tank and boiler.

1 old style thermostat and a Switchmaster 9001 scheduler.

I bought the wireless pack, so for the thermostat, I connected the black and red wires and secured the ground separately.

Found this on a forum for the wiring on the current controller but it is labelled inside the unit.

This was the wiring, in controller in the cupboard. I initially switched these as is but it seemed that turning stuff off, turn ed the heating on. So i switched the wires to the other pole on the new controller as per the pic below and all seems to work

I used the existing wires. Everything seems to work, I'll update this post if there are any issues.

If anyone spots anything I did wrong, please let me know so I can correct it.

Didn't find any posts about this when I was looking a reference for the Switchmaster 9001 install. So either its rare, outdated or no ones done one of these for this and I thought maybe it would be a reference for someone else.