Temperature and Humidity Graph

Please return the time stamp on the slider within the graph. I can no longer tell what time the temperature drops or rises occurred.
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  • This seems to be an issue with the app on Android, specifically light Vs dark mode implementation. If you can force dark mode per app, change tado to dark mode and you can read the graph as normal but other areas of the UI are visually degraded, light mode equated to white text on a white background and unreadable when tado app is operating in light mode. The UX needs text colour correction for light Vs dark mode on Android to fix
  • GrayDav4276

    I'm sure these current "issues" will eventually be rectified as soon as tado° realises that their App update has (apparently) caused more issues than it was meant to rectify.....

  • Caillte

    The latest update seems to have resolved this. Thanks.