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I was pleased to see the boast function for the system but very disappointed that you can't select the temp (25 is way to high for my house), or select to just boost one room/trv. I find that I often want to boost a room for just 10mins, and only being able to boost for 30mins at 25 is wasteful and unnecessary. I see that others say you have to boost all and then turn off individual rooms, very clunky.

Each TRV should have boost setting where you can chose your own default time and temp, plus a master one for the whole system. Rooms heat at different speeds and there shouldn't be a 'one fits all' approach to this.

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  • Or you could use Alexa etc.....that's what I have done
  • True, I do use Google assistant but you can't ask it to boost for a set time.
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    That's a pity......however with Alexa routines you can set your desired "Boost" feature for a specified time, and also for your preferred temperature, for example
    22°c for 20 mins
    Alexa and tado° work together very well.... at least it does for me, but I've taken a bit of time to think about "my household" and the best way to achieve what I want/need.

    If users simply wait for tado° to "rectify" their product hardware/software.....then it'll be an even longer wait than is currently being achieved by tado°.
  • That's a good point. I do have Google routines, which does seem fully integrated into Tado. I will try to set up a routine for a specific boost routine. Thanks for the tip.
  • A better boost is a definite improvement need. Fully agree 25deg over all rooms is a massive waste so really makes that boost button redundant. Ok I could start playing around with some 3rd party automation but is above fix work around. Tado please stand up to the mark and get sorted.
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    It all depends on your current temperature. Setting your heating to 25°C doesn't mean that your room will reach this temperature, neither setting 100°C will heat your room in seconds :-)

    25°C is top max temp (without offset) that tado° supports, so this is possibly why it is also max for the boost function.

    Rather for each device to have own individual settings I would prefer ability to have fully customized shortcuts (group scenes)

    Again, every user is different and has different needs.

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    I understand your point.......but the truth behind this is that it shows either tado°s reluctance or tado°s inability to make changes to a feature that they have decided the operating parameters of.

    Paranoia or Arrogance or technical inability......take your pick.

  • I agree, the boost function needs ability to set a custom boost temperature and duration. Not everyone wants Alexa in their house.

  • There have been two threads opened on this subject within a week.......both with a "vote" has 4 votes and the other has 3 not carrying out a "search" before opening new requests, all we are doing is "diluting" the effectiveness of the request to tado°.......

  • My other half just discovered this boost button in the app, and I suddenly smelled scorching radiators as the boiler was flat out trying to boost entire house to 25°. No user adjustment of temperature or time. Not good. I've created a small IFTTT app to return all zones to auto if a particular one exceeds 21°, being the one most likely to heat quickest. Like many, I'm trying to trim schedules and zones to the minimum, with a fill of heating oil now costing €1300. Tado should allow user to disable this function.
  • A better solution in my opinion is like my old heating system worked. Boost just switched heating on for 1 hour (subject to thermostat) and then off again.

    So for Tado, why couldn't Boost switch on / resume current scheduled temperatures for all rooms for 1 hour and then 'Turn off all rooms' again.

    This would be handy for that transition period in autumn, where I don't need schedules on all the time but could do with an hour here or there when it feels chilly???

  • I'd like to increase the boost time from 30 minutes to a variable amount, like body for 2 hours or whatever
  • Alexa........Alexa.........Alexa

    Works great for me.......all the time / every time.

  • I have mused about this on and off, and after re-reading the posts I would make the following comments:

    This is exactly the same problem with the Air Comfort settings - Why allow the user to enter settings that suit their own climate/personal preference/property and heating system characteristics when you can simply hard-code what you think seems OK and tick off the functionality request ?

    Tado need to wake up to consumer mindset changes. My mother was glad to have a vacuum cleaner. She had little choice and designs and functionality were constrained by the materials and technology of the era, innovation was unnecessary because there was little competition in the market and the alternative was a dustpan and brush or a mechanical carpet sweeper. The smartphone and the Cloud changed everything. Function is limited only by imagination and computing resources. Cloud deals with most of the resources conversation, imagination is down to the people you choose to employ for the task.

    Tado developers don't appear to think things through or talk to the community, instead they seem to arrogantly assume that they always know best and their customers should be grateful. Frankly, they don't and we aren't.

    Stop telling us what we can have and start listening to us explain why the old "one size fits all" approach is dead. It's little or no additional effort to allow the consumer to configure their personal preference for boost period and target temperature, or to offer a per-room setting and Boost button.

    That said, I would like an "Override" button (Boost seems to be the wrong word here) on each room tile, and when I touch it I get a panel allowing me to EITHER start the next timeblock settings immediately, OR run a configurable change to temperature for a chosen time period for that room before reverting to the settings for the scheduled programme. Essentially, I already have the second option by opening the room tile and changing the temperature using the slider and then changing the time to apply that change for by touching the "Until next change at...." wording below the temperature bar and using the horizontal slider that appears, to set the time period for that "boost" change. For me the bit that is missing is being able to say "I am starting/finishing with this room earlier than normal so switch to the next program slice settings NOW", which isn't a boost so much as a temporary programme override. Old style boiler controllers have a "next programme" or "programme advance" button which achieved this, so it's strange that Tado hasn't replicated this in their slavish need to replicate old style "dumb" heating controllers.

    The whole house boost has limited value for me personally, especially since I cannot control the target temperature or time period. User preference settings, or better still the same kind of settings as are possible on a per-room basis would be a much more useful thing, ideally without affecting the last stored settings on the per-room override.


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    IMHO boost must be quick and simple, kind of an emergency button. One off.

    Considering this option as an 'emergency' I see no need for boost temp settings. Custom boost temp sounds more like a schedule.

    As the comfort temp relays on many factors such as air temp, thermal radiation, relative humidity etc. manual boost on/off option should be in place, however supported by custom boost time for safety reasons.

    After the boost function is finished the device should go back to its previous state, not to a schedule.

    If there is a need to have something more sophisticated tado° should think about a brand new option.