Geofencing by person


In a multi-person household, geofencing could be tailored so that one person leaving could adjust part of the house leaving the rest heated for those remaining inside. So if I go out, for example, the room I use most of the time could be left unheated, but other rooms still follow their usual schedule.

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  • Lxpeanut
    Was just looking to see if this was possible. It would be great if I could have my bedroom and office reacting to my phone and my housemate had her bedroom just to hers. That way we wouldn't be heating the rooms not in use when one of us isnt home.
  • Seasorul

    I would like this too.

  • MKO
    Yes please, this would be very useful for homeworkers!!
  • I was certain that this feature already existed, but no... You can fix it through a home automation server, based on devices connected to your wifi, but it would be neat to just have it included as a feature in Tado :)
  • WiggyB

    This would be very useful. My son is either in his room or out - he hardly uses the rest of the house. Automatically turning off his gaming room / bedroom while he's out would be excellent.

  • I am surprised this feature isn’t there already. My spouse (who has the Tado app as well) and I work from home in separate rooms, so when one goes into the office we want to automatically turn off their room for the day.
  • davidlyall

    I suggested this some time back ...

  • Colski

    I agree that being able to link a zone to a particular user would be a good feature - as already been pointed out in this thread, for example a bedroom to a child or office to a homeworker, so that when they are away the zone remains off

  • jamese8

    see Individual Geofence Option

    go to first page of that thread


  • SirRoger
    This feature has been requested for years. Same Tado are so so so slow in providing feature that are clearly so useful. They could even claim more energy saving status. What a shame they o ly care about selling and not providing anything else.