Individual Geofence Option

Hi. Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but would be great if you could set-up individual Geofencing capability for each individual Smart Radiator Thermostat. To explain, I am often away from home for several days at a time for work and would like to be able to automatically detect this and shut off the Radiator Thermostat heating in my office. Same for when my kids are away to Uni. The App should detect they are x miles away from home and not heat their bedrooms.

I have just installed Tado and am just finding my way around it, so maybe this is possible and I just haven't found how to do it yet!?

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  • Same here...

    Just found out that the geofencing is only whole-house and not individual user/zone-based

  • This has been on the supposed road map for at least 3 years. It’s such an obvious requirement. Tado why is this taking so long?
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