Advanced smart scheduling

Many people work shift patterns that require a different heating schedule each week.

Would it be possible to have advanced scheduling to cover multiple weeks?

Ie the ability to set a heat schedule for one week, and then have it repeat every x amount of days/weeks? In exactly the same kind of way you set up repeat appointments in Google Calander?

So for example week 1 starting on x date, set your heat schedule, set to repeat every 5 weeks.
Week 2 starting on y date set heat schedule and set to repeat every 5 weeks and so on?
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  • GrayDav4276
    Great suggestion @Mxg277
    However I'm not sure if tado° has the technical capability to achieve this, it would be good if a tado° employee would respond directly to your request.
  • Gaset
    I think it would be very interesting for me too.

    I would like to have a schedule that allows to have one schedule that applies to every two weeks and another schedule that applies to nu the other every two weeks.

    Hope that one of the employees at tado checks this and creates such functionality in the scheduling.

    It shouldn't really be that difficult in relation to the value that it may have for many users.