Thermostat Display Always on

The Display of the Smart Thermostat is only visible when Push button.

My former Thermostat was a 'Toon" and we used to look at time and temp when ever in the room.

The New Tado does have a fancy look, but I would like to havethe display to be always on (and if possibel off during night-time/when not home). So maybe it can be arranged to have this as a option in the settings?

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  • I don’t know what a toon is but unless Tado makes a mains powered thermostat or one with an e ink display like netatmo, I don’t think this will be a possibility.
  • "Toon" is kind of similair like google nest. Its a smart display, wall mounted and also as thermostat implemented, It also can read smart meters from gas and electra delivery. My reasson to implement Tado is the smart radiator thermostat's. I needed that for separate temp's in couple of rooms/Atelier. And sad enough "Toon " is not working with smart radiator thermosats.

  • I would like to see this implemented as well please......

  • @JimH

    Only the tado° AC controller is mains powered.....all other wall mounted tado° thermostats are battery powered and cannot realistically support an "always on" display.....the battery power consumption would mean replacing batteries at a ridiculous rate.

  • You say that 'always on' would consume too much battery energy but... Do you know this? Or is this an assumption? I have a ThermPro hygrometer base station with a large display and less battery power - and it lasts several months
  • I believe that even tado° gave this as a reason for not providing "always on"

  • luteijn
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    An LCD screen with no backlight / backlight only turning on when you push the button and just a few 7 segment numbers and some icons would work fine (80's watch), e-ink would be great especially if no seconds displayed, unfortunatly the display use rather bright leds, so likely would eat batteries if always on.
  • I agree with this. Missing the quick look in the display when you walk passed the thermostat.

  • luteijn
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    Just stick something like this next to it.

    or its little brother at half the price:

    Both do BLE, and seems you can interface with them from your home-control computer too, not just the app. Too bad tado won't let you use these as sensors...

    There are also non-bluetooth versions if you don't need it and just want an always on display.
  • I have a wired smart thermostat and it recieves its power from the boiler though the same wires - no batteries - like many systems.

    I would love to see the temperature displayed continuously - But Tado should make it an option, so all the people who do not want it do not need to post here against it…